Mens Full Wigs

For those of you desireing total coverage LNY has a variety of lengths and styles to choose from. Colors range from black and all shades of brown on to blended grey and yes everything else in between. We can find a color that suits your desires. Styles range from business conservative to traditional and for you more progressive types we also have the most modern of spiked styles also available.  Variety we have, and by chance we can’t locate just what you’re looking for, will be happy to custom design and make your inner vision an absolute reality.

Make an appointment today and let us be of assistance.

We don’t just sell wigs, we change lives!

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We love Our Clients

"Hi there! My husband and I surprised this shop owner with an unscheduled visit with over 30 minutes worth of questions about helping my mom in Stage 3 cancer obtain an appropriate wig. He was SO knowledgeable and helpful! His prices are very affordable, and we could not have "dropped in" on a better salon and owner. GREAT shop visit today!"
Kelli Wohlgemuth‎
October 18, 2019
"I highly recommend Lawrence to anyone that interested in keeping their hair not only beautiful, but healthy. Lawrence has been my hair stylist since I moved here from Houston in 2009. Give him a call today"
Cynthia Cureton Robles‎
October 12 2019
"Lawrence you did a great job on my hair, I love my new haircut. Thank you."
‎Diana Caro‎
October 17, 2018


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